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May 26, 1985, Sunday, Home Edition

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Band: 'til tuesday.

Personnel: Aimee Mann, vocals, bass; Robert Holmes, guitar, vocals; Joey Pesce, keyboards; Michael Hausman, drums.

History: A native of Richmond, Va., Mann was studying bass at Boston's renowned Berklee School of Music. Attracted by the punk/new-wave movement, she left school in 1979 to form her first band, the Young Snakes. The group played the East Coast club circuit and released an EP, but broke up two years later. Mann worked on her songwriting and free-lanced as a bassist (working with Chicago's Ministry, among other groups) before forming the nucleus of 'til tuesday with guitarist Holmes in 1982. The group played its first show at Boston's The Channel club early in '83. A track from the group's demo tape, "Are You Serious," was played by Boston station WBCN-FM. After winning the station's talent contest, the band recorded another successful demo and was signed by Epic. The group recently released its first album, "Voices Carry," and the video of the album's title song has become an MTV staple.

Sound: Like the Motels' Martha Davis, Mann treads the line between sensitivity and melodrama in dealing with emotional affairs. Mann is clearly a star in the making -- her vocals have a girl's innocence and a woman's sophistication, with a tangible ache lurking just beneath Mann's tense yet cool surface. Musically this is modern pop-rock for yuppies: lots of moody, orchestral keyboard textures, lush backing vocals, the occasional modern dance rhythm thrown in. Basically, 'til tuesday is playing it safe (i.e., commercial) at the moment, but there's enough inherent talent in Mann to promise better things to come.

Shows: The Palace, Friday.

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