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 January 13, 1995, Friday, City Edition


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HEADLINE: Aimee's place;
VIDEO VIBE * * 1/2 Aimee Mann Song: "That's Just What You Are" CD: Melrose Place - the music Label: Imago
Recording and Giant Records Director: unnamed Showing on: MTV

BYLINE: By Matthew Gilbert, Globe Staff

    This candy-colored clip, which plays behind the closing credits of Fox's "Melrose Place," is a spirited rendering of Aimee Mann's candy-colored pop song. Against a cloudy-blue-sky stage backdrop, a very blond Mann is lit in red and green as she spray paints roller skates in yellow, red and green. At one point, a fleet of painted skates do a small cha-cha, eager to roll her away from her stalled love affair. Aside from roaming almost obsessively over Mann's affectless eyes and hip outfits, the video is about vivid color and pop artifice. Like the song, the images are infectious and synthetic, sweet on the verge of cloying.