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July 30, 1995, Sunday, Home Edition

SECTION: Calendar; Page 64; Calendar Desk

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BYLINE: By Steve Hochman

   HOLDING PATTERN: If you've read anything about Aimee Mann's new album, "I'm With Stupid," you're probably ready to run to the record store and grab a copy. Reviews have been glowing, and some writers have already talked about it as a sure thing for their year-end Top 10 lists.

Only one problem: The album's not coming out until next year.

Why such early reviews? The album -- the second solo set by the former 'Til Tuesday singer -- was actually scheduled to be released this past spring, but Mann's record company, Imago, lost its distribution deal with BMG. A new deal with Warner Bros. Records was all set recently, but when it stalled Mann exercised an escape clause and headed for Geffen, where her friend Tony Berg is an A&R executive. A Geffen contract is currently being finalized, but due to scheduling and time needed for a marketing campaign to be put in place, the company can't get it in stores until January.

Better just file those reviews and pull them out again after New Year's. Steve Hochman