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July 29, 1999

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HEADLINE: Aimee Mann at the Park West

BYLINE: Josh Noel


Around the time Alanis Morissette was winning the world with her angry young woman routine, there was a far more interesting angry young woman who was largely passed over by the mainstream. Her name is Aimee Mann and she was just as ticked (the first line of her last album is "You f****d it up ...") though infinitely more tuneful and ... real. Mann is best known for fronting the '80s rock band Til Tuesday, but her solo career has produced two excellent albums, including the masterful "I'm with Stupid," (from which the above lyric originated). Mann's web site says her new album is in the can, but that she's trying to wriggle free of her commitment with Interscope Records because of what sounds like artistic differences. A short acoustic tour begins here Wednesday and a CD of new material will be available.