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Rolling Stone Magazine

September 30, 1999

LENGTH: 151 words

SECTION: Random Notes

BYLINE: Anthony Bozza


Never mind the main stage: Crow, Mann and McLachlan (from left).


After nearly five years of record-label red tape, songwriter Aimee Mann has emerged an emancipated lady. To celebrate her freedom, Mann graced Lilith Fair's second stage for four dates, stealing the spotlight with a set jammed with main-stage talent like Sheryl Crow and Lilith head Sarah McLachlan. At the Fair's Jones Beach stop in Wantagh, New York, Crow got back to her backup-singing roots, harmonizing on Mann's first song, then forming a singalong offstage with McLachlan and her husband, drummer Ash Sood. The famous fans then joined Mann for "Calling It Quits," an opus about bad lovers and bad record labels. "I like playing the B stage," Mann says. "I like being an underdog. Do I want the main stage? Not really. That's too much responsibility. You have to have a set, a light show-- you're getting into show business, and I don't think I have any particular talent for that." You can buy the album Mann bought back from her record label at