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January 24, 2000, Monday


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HEADLINE: MUSICBLITZ Debuts With Exclusive Free Downloads From Aimee Mann, and the Band Formerly Known as The Presidents of the United States of America


    Also Included are Ricky Bell and Ronnie DeVoe, Taj Mahal, and Many Others

MUSICBLITZ Launches the Internet's Only Critical Guide to the Best Free Music Downloads; Unveils First in a Series of Genre-Specific Web Communities

MUSICBLITZ, a consumer-oriented music company founded by experienced music industry professionals, debuted today with exclusive new songs from premier artists including Aimee Mann, the multi-platinum modern rock band formerly known as the Presidents of the United States of America, Ricky Bell and Ronnie DeVoe from Bell Biv DeVoe and New Edition, Taj Mahal, and many others. Collectively MUSICBLITZ artists have sold more than 20 million albums and won Grammy, Soul Train, American Music and W.C. Handy Awards.

MUSICBLITZ funds established artists to record exclusive new singles and features these songs as free downloads on its site,, and in its genre-specific Web communities.

The most popular MUSICBLITZ exclusives -- as determined by the number of downloads -- will be licensed for use in TV shows, movies, commercials, soundtracks and compilations. MUSICBLITZ also generates revenues from a variety of other sources, including corporate use of MUSICBLITZ's marketing services team, advertising, sponsorships, and opt-in affiliate marketing.

"MUSICBLITZ is replacing the traditional business model of deriving revenues from the direct sale of music to consumers with a new model that leverages the value of recording music from established artists to generate advertising, marketing and licensing fees," explained CEO Kevin Nakao.

"The value to consumers and artists is that MUSICBLITZ creates new music and does not re-purpose content that is already available. Instead, MUSICBLITZ has developed a new model with exclusive single recording deals that provides artists with the resources and opportunity to record new music, develop their careers and maintain a profile without the shackles of a traditional long-term record contract. In turn, this also allows MUSICBLITZ to offer music fans the best selection of free new music from their favorite artists."

In addition to featuring exclusive new music, also provides the only critical guide to free, legal music downloads currently available anywhere on the Internet. Every song that is available on the site undergoes the careful scrutiny, review and rating of MUSICBLITZ's experienced talent scouts, music producers and professional music journalists.

Commented Nakao, "We only sign and select artists we believe in and apply this same creative filter to all the music on the Web, which enables us to offer consumers a critical guide to music downloads. This helps music fans find the songs they might most enjoy and avoid the ones we think will be a waste of their time and hard drive space." Debuts

MUSICBLITZ adds to its rich consumer experience by presenting artists in the context and culture of the musical community that they foster. The first of its genre-specific music communities, called reggaeBLITZ, also launched today. Available online at or through, the site offers reggae enthusiasts exclusive free downloads from renowned artists such as Andrew Tosh, Big Mountain, The Wailing Souls, Junior Reid and Toots and The Maytals. reggaeBLITZ also features a glossary of reggae terms, a history of reggae and the Rastafarian religion, the Top 10 books on reggae, the Top 25 reggae albums of all time, an interactive discussion forum and even traditional Jamaican food recipes. MUSICBLITZ develops these communities online and offline by bringing together consumers, artists, music journalists, radio programmers, and local club promoters.


Based in Los Angeles, MUSICBLITZ is a consumer-oriented music company that is redefining the relationships between consumers, artists and record labels. The company combines traditional record label and artist development and offline marketing practices with technology-enabled distribution. MUSICBLITZ funds established artists to record new singles and then features this exclusive music in the form of free downloads on its site,, and in its genre-specific communities. offers music fans the only critical guide to free, legal music downloads from anywhere on the Internet. For more information about MUSICBLITZ, visit

Editor's Note: Exclusive singles from the following artists, and others, are currently featured on MUSICBLITZ's Web site,
--   Aimee Mann, singer/songwriter with the multi-platinum 'Til
     Tuesday and currently featured on the "Magnolia" soundtrack
--   The band formerly known as Presidents of The United States of
     America, multi-platinum modern rock recording artists back from
--   Ricky Bell and Ronnie DeVoe, offshoot R&B superduo from
     multi-platinum Bell Biv DeVoe and New Edition
--   Taj Mahal, Grammy Award-winning blues artist, singer, songwriter
     and noted musicologist who has played a vital role in the
     preservation of the blues and African-American roots music.
--   Mother Superior, the backing band for media icon Henry Rollins
--   Koko Taylor, Grammy Award-winning female blues artist who has
     also won 17 W.C. Handy awards
--   Wailing Souls, reggae legends and Bob Marley's first artist
--   Colin Hay, lead singer/songwriter for multi-platinum Men At Work
--   Sugar Blue, Grammy Award-winning blues artist who played
     harmonica for The Rolling Stones
--   Eenie Meenie, new project from Pixies drummer David Lovering
--   Bobby Womack, legendary R&B singer/songwriter who played guitar
     for Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin and Sly Stone, as well as wrote
     hits for The Rolling Stones and James Taylor
--   Wayne Kramer, guitarist for punk legends MC5
--   The Samples, popular live touring jam band
--   Maceo Parker, legendary sax player with James Brown and
     Parliament Funkadelic.
--   Chris Whitley, acclaimed guitar rocker
--   Big Mountain, popular reggae group with a gold single featured on
     the "Reality Bites" motion picture soundtrack
--   Toots and The Maytals, respected reggae legend whose song
     "Pressure Drop" was popularized by The Clash  

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