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June 15, 2000, Thursday Final Edition


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HEADLINE: A whole new spin
BYLINE: J.D. Considine; The Baltimore Sun


"Bachelor No. 2, or the Last Remains of the Dodo"
Aimee Mann (Superego)
They say the Lord works in mysterious ways, but He's got nothing on the inner workings of the recording industry. When Mann finished what should have been her third album, the disc was rejected by her record company, which claimed the songs were too uncommercial to release. Then, after many of those songs wound up on the soundtrack to "Magnolia," Mann not only netted an Oscar nomination but got a huge publicity boost. So now that she has released the rejected album on her own, "Bachelor No. 2, or the Last Remains of the Dodo" seems an act of courage instead of a vanity project. As well it should. Few songwriters anywhere are capable of delivering songs as smart, poignant and tuneful as Mann does here.