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February 21, 2001, Wednesday



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HEADLINE: And the Workplace Grammy Goes to ... Twenty-One Percent of Working Americans Sing: 'I Try'


The Grammy Award nominations are in and nearly one-quarter of American Workers say Macy Gray's "I Try" best defines their working situation. 
    According to a recent nationwide telephone survey conducted for AOC by Opinion Research Corporation, nearly one-quarter (21%) of American workers can relate their working situation to Macy Gray's Grammy nominated performance "I Try." While only 6% compare their working life to Aimee Mann's "Save Me," Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out" got 17% of the sentiment from American workers. Eleven percent chose 'Nsync's "No Strings Attached" but, only 7% of workers could compare their working situation to either Nine Inch Nails' "Into the Void" or Britney Spears' "Oops! I Did It Again." More than a quarter (26%) of American worker say they can't relate their working situation to any Grammy nominated song, performance, or album and 6% didn't know or had no answer. 
    This survey, which asked American workers to compare their working life to the Grammy Award nominations, is part of AOC's ongoing "Profiles of the American Worker(R)" series which summarizes the opinions, attitudes, and behavior of employed Americans concerning workplace issues. 
    For this survey, full and part-time workers were asked the following: "Overall, which one of the following Grammy-nominated songs, performances, or albums most closely describes your current situation at work: 'I Try,' 'Save Me,' 'Oops! I Did it Again,' 'Into the Void,' 'Who Let the Dogs Out,' 'No Strings Attached,' None of These, or Don't Know/ No Answer?"

Do Women Try More Then Men? 
    Whether it is a reflection on how women perform their jobs or how their bosses appreciate them, the survey finds that only 17% of males polled equate their working situation to "I Try," while 26% of women can relate to this song. 
    This survey is based upon telephone interviews with a representative sample of nearly 1343 adults, 18 years of age and older, who are employed either full or part time. Interviews were conducted by Opinion Research Corporation's Caravan between February 8, 2001 to February 12, 2001. The margin of sampling error associated with this survey is plus or minus three percentage points. 
    With more than 120 offices worldwide, AOC is currently a world leader in the placement of temporary and direct-hire accounting and financial personnel. 
    For complete survey findings or more information, contact Samantha Cummis, Public Relations Department, AOC, Park 80 West, Plaza II, Ninth Floor, Saddle Brook, NJ  07663; 201-843-0006 ext. 290.

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