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Official Sites

Aimee Mann official site

DGC Records | Aimee Mann - a few pages saved from the old "official" site

Fan Sites

Driving Sideways

infinitely blue

Gary's Aimee Mann site - Home of the MannList!

Dayfree's Whatever: Aimee Mann

Fredrik Eklund's Aimee/'Til Tuesday page

Aimee Mann: How She is Different - Le site non-officiel francais

Precious Things - Chinese Fan Site

Music Links

Aimee Mann Sheet Music

Other Sites

Interview with Aimee at Amazon

Aimee Articles, Links & Info at VH1

Rolling Stone Network: Aimee Mann

Notes from a Guest Lecture By Aimee at Stanford

Aimee Mann: Boston Phoenix Review

Salon Magazine Concert Review - August 10, 1999

"I'm With Stupid" Review at Salon Magazine

A negative concert review from RockNet

Danger Gal's Adventures in Pop - contains some interesting Aimee anecdotes

Joe's Cafe - Tape trading site with some rare Aimee performances

MannList Digests